Why We're Launching Convey For Scheduling

Posted by mataebi

We are excited to announce that we have officially launched Convey for Scheduling. This has been something our clients have asked us about for a long time.
Scheduling interviews is one of the oldest problems in the book. Since the first candidate interviewed for the first job ever, scheduling interviews has been a consistent and massively painful time issue for recruiting teams.  So many candidates end up feeling disgruntled after a poor hiring experience where things move slower than they need to.
Until now.
Convey for Scheduling is built specifically for recruiting. 
What’s that mean?
In today’s world, companies know that candidates want and deserve a quick and efficient hiring process.  Anything less hurts their chances of finding and closing the best talent out there. Or even worse -- losing them to a competitor.
Even the most forward-thinking Talent Acquisition leaders feel they are running uphill through quicksand when trying build and sustain an efficient interview process.  When a talent leader looks at what they put in place, and see how their strategy plays out across recruiters, positions, departments and locations...they often don’t know what they're looking at anymore. The goals created to get candidates in the door and through the hiring process often become splintered into distant versions of their original state. And who's affected the most? The candidate.
Interview scheduling is a perfect example of how this plays out as a recruiter schedules candidates through each round using many different formats, such as:

  • Phone screen with a recruiter
  • Phone interview with a hiring manager
  • In-person one-on-ones
  • Onsite group interviews (with varying number of folks involved)
  • Sequential back-to-back-to-back interviews

As a stopgap, Recruiting Coordinators are commonly hired to play “Calendar Tetris” all day, or Recruiters are left to do it on their own. Everyone should want to be spending time on more mentally stimulating and impacting work.  Additionally, ‘scheduling’ skills do not further anyone’s career development and just isn’t a good use of anyone’s time.
There is a better way.
Convey for Scheduling is the culmination of the ConveyIQ team talking with our clients about theie most common -- and their most complex -- interview scheduling workflow scenarios.  We also researched and tested every other solution in the market having to do with meeting scheduling.
This solution is Smart Scheduling built specifically for recruiting. Recruiting and hiring teams should never have to ask for availabilities from candidates ever again. They should never have to check their own calendars, or their peers’ calendars. Scheduling should just happen, according to your business rules, while you are spending time delivering an impressive candidate experience.
We can’t wait to hear your feedback on all of the time you free up, how much faster your time-to-hire becomes, and, how many more happy candidates you actually have the chance to hire.