Recruiting & Candidate Experience

What do you stand for? Today’s top talent wants to know

You’ve heard it before: candidates are consumers, and recruiters need to think more like marketers. But a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report bumped this notion up from ‘good idea’ to...

Recruiting & Candidate Experience

How To Convince Your Team That The Candidate Experience Matters

Communicating the importance of the candidate experience can prove to be somewhat tricky. Your team may be doing all that they can to hire as quickly as possible, but the candidates don't...

Recruiting & Candidate Experience

How To Showcase Your Brand Values During The Applicant Journey

If you want to attract the best talent, they need to align with your company. The problem is, when you are getting started, it can be hard to determine what that alignment looks like. Even if...

Recruiting & Candidate Experience

Are You Communicating With Your Applicants When They Need You?

Applicant communication is such an essential part of the hiring process. Even though it's important to keep great applicants in the loop, this part of the process is often neglected in favor of...

Recruiting & Candidate Experience

Candidates Demand an Impeccable Recruiting Experience - Here's 5 Things for Winning Them Over

With unemployment rates at historic lows across almost every category of worker, it’s definitely an applicant market. The skills gap may have vexed employers in the past, but with today’s tight...