Recruiting & Candidate Experience

What do you stand for? Today’s top talent wants to know

You’ve heard it before: candidates are consumers, and recruiters need to think more like marketers. But a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report bumped this notion up from ‘good idea’ to...

Recruiting & Candidate Experience

5 Employer Review Sites You’re Missing Out On

“Heard it through the grapevine…”

Recruiting & Candidate Experience

Hiring Millennials? Start With The Right Job Description

Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, it’s a fact that Millennials are taking over the workforce.

Recruiting & Candidate Experience

7 Struggles Companies Face Attracting Quality Talent

Guest Post by Michael Klazema

The goal of every hiring process is to hire the best talent for the job. But what happens if the best people aren’t applying in the first place?

Many businesses...

Recruiting & Candidate Experience

Best Place To Work: Do You “Shop” Your Candidate Experience?

Is your company a "Best Place to Work?"

Recruiting & Candidate Experience

5 Creative Job Description Examples From Top Companies

Putting together requirements, facts and perks for a job description takes creativity and attention to detail. But that doesn’t make it an easy task.

Recruiting & Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience Journey, Part 1: Job Search and Outreach

It’s no secret: candidate experience matters.

Recruiting & Candidate Experience

ConveyIQ Spotlight: Creating Company Values With Peter Phelan

Establishing company values is the first step towards building your company culture. It's usually those four our five words or statements on your careers site and seen around the office. Seems easy —...

Recruiting & Candidate Experience

Why It’s Time To Ditch Your Job Description ‘Nice To Haves’

There’s an art to writing an engaging job description that accurately outlines a specific position and attracts the right types of candidates. It’s a form of employer branding that most recruiters...

Recruiting & Candidate Experience

How To Write A Job Description: 4 Tips For Employer Brand

Writing a great job description can be difficult. But if you get in the habit of following a few simple steps, you can ensure your position gets found online and boost your employer brand.

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