What Not To Do In An Interview

Posted by mataebi

There are plenty of tips and advice shared with candidates to make their upcoming interview go smoothly. After all, an interview is a time to put a good foot forward and showcase amazing skills.
An interview might also be a time to conceal bad habits and mistakes.
As many do’s as there are to prepare candidates for a job interview, there are also a few don’ts that should be top of mind for them to perform well.
Here are all the major no-no’s to avoid during an interview.

Ask Vague Questions

An interview is an opportunity for candidates to ask any and all questions about the position they’ve applied to and the company. Since this is one of the only moments -- if not the only one -- to ask questions, they better be good.
Generic questions won’t produce informative or compelling answers, and hiring managers know when candidates simply Googled, “questions to ask during an interview.”
Before an interview, it’s crucial to do research and compose questions based on that research. This could be about a recent press release, the company’s products or services, or goals and metrics for the position. Regardless of what the questions are, they should be worthwhile and positive contributions to the conversation.

Dress Down

It can sometimes be challenging to know how to dress for an interview. Does an interview at a startup mean a more casual dress code? Are the hiring managers style experts?
Regardless of where the interview is happening -- a startup, a coffee shop after work, or a corporate conference room -- dress to impress. It may not always be required or expected to dress to the nines, but wearing professional clothing shows serious interest in the position at hand.

Arrive Unprepared

Running from interview to interview or from work to an interview can be quite stressful and leave candidates feeling flustered. That is no excuse, though, to be unprepared.
Entering an interview means game on.
Candidates should always arrive a few minutes early with a few copies of their resume and some work samples. Before the interview begins, candidates should use the restroom, if needed, but not let that time impede on their scheduled interview time. It’s also perfectly fine to bring along water. After all, there's lots of talking during an interview. A water bottle should be kept concealed in a bag or purse and it should not be distracting during an interview.   

Leave Without Asking About Next Steps

As the end of the interview approaches, candidates should ask all the questions they have prepared and leave time for other questions from the recruiter or hiring manager. But, before exiting, there is one last question that must be asked.
“What should I expect in terms of next steps?”
Not asking this simple question leaves candidates in the dark about their own candidacy at the company. It also shows a lack of eagerness or determination to obtain the position.

Show A Lack Of Manners While Waiting

Recruiters and hiring managers are watching, not just during the interview, but from the moment a candidate arrives. Being curt with any staff members or spending the waiting period texting are good ways to display poor character. Candidates should be mindful of their behavior the moment they arrive to the front door of the office building.